Having practiced Emergency Medicine for 30 years, Dr. Howerton has always had an interest in acupuncture—how and why it works. Until recently he never had the time to study the ancient art in depth. In 2010 he began to study medical acupuncture through a Harvard Medical School course designed exclusively for physicians.

Although it is not currently fully understood the method by which acupuncture works, the Harvard course emphasized scientific studies that explained the mechanisms of the body’s response to acupunture. The program’s curriculum was based on the Japanese style of acupuncture which is a more individualized treatment approach than that of Traditional Chinese Medicine {TCM}.

Dr. Howerton’s experience in treating trauma, acute injuries and chronic illness is now complemented by training in the Japanese style of acupuncture as a therapeutic modality. Blending the techniques of both Eastern and Western medicine will offer patients a more comprehensive alternative for their health care needs.

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